The Random Samples

It is time for anot­her edi­tion of “Ran­dom Samples”–I occa­sio­nally get sam­ples from mar­ke­ting agen­cies and/or pro­du­cers, and the­se can…
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Wines from Down Under rooted in ancient history

| Octo­ber 02, 2019 Jerry GREEN­FIELD Face­bookTwit­terEmailCopy LinkFace­book Mes­sen­gerPrint­FriendlyCom­par­tir Most peo­ple don’t reali­ze that Aus­tra­lia is an ancient pie­ce of…
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Review: Domaine Bousquet, Rosé Wine

Review: Domai­ne Bous­quet, Rosé Wine by Tim Lem­ke — Jul 20, 2019 0 73 I’ve pre­viously writ­ten about a few wines from Domai­ne Bous­quet in Argen­ti­na…
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