Named after Domaine Bousquet co-owner Labid al Ameri, Domaine Bousquet’s flagship wine is a Malbec-dominant blend. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot add the complex dimensions that elevate this wine from “expected” to “exciting.”  The grapes – but only the best clusters — come from a single vineyard, located at 4,125 feet, the highest of the estate. These grapes are the last to be harvested.


This is Domaine Bousquet’s line starring their best grapes from the “home” vineyard – the original vineyard planted by the Bousquet family in the late 1990s. This was the terroir that caught their imagination because it had a rarity – sand. Sandy soil makes for elegant wines (a “must” for the family). Its low fertility gives desirable vine stress; it is permeable for good drainage and has no salinity issues, often a problem in arid areas. Grapes here are the last to be harvested; the extra hang time ensures heightened richness and body.


A step up from the premium varietal line, these blends of Domaine Bousquet estate-grown grapes from plots with low yields offer more of everything – more body, more tannin in the reds, and more flavor. The 4,000-foot elevation ensures that, with the right handling, the grapes for these wines lend an Old World elegance so prized by wine lovers


Domaine Bousquet offers a Charmat method (i.e. produced in tank) Brut and Rosé Brut, as well as Méthode Traditionelle (Champagne-style) sparkling wines produced with the second fermentation in bottle. Blends are 75/25 Chardonnay/Pinot Noir for the white and 75/25 Pinot Noir/Chardonnay for the Rosé.


Domaine Bousquet’s premium varietal series comprises a blend of estate and purchased fruit from the Uco Valley. The grapes benefit from major diurnal temperature swings, achieving exuberant ripeness while retaining the juiciness that invites a second glass. The wines are vinified with a French sensibility. The wines are un-oaked – an on-trend sensibility of little or no oak to let the fruit shine through and make the wines extremely food-friendly.


Named for the Earth Mother goddess in Greek mythology, Gaia Red and White Blends are a multi-varietal cornucopia of estate-grown grapes. This Old World tradition of blending varieties is updated to highlight modern, non-classic New World pairings. The primary grape comprises around 50% of the mix.Each vintage, the bounty from the estate is blended a bit differently to reflect what Mother Nature has offered.

VIRGEN Vineyards (No Sulfites added)

Virgen is not only made from organic fruit but has no sulfites added, thereby qualifying for fully organic USDA certification. Virgen is the purest expression of the local terroir, a mix sandy/gravel soils credited for Domaine Bousquet’s signature “Naturally Elegant Wines,” benefits from brilliant sunlight and 50F degree temperature swings between day and night, leading to super-flavorful, fresh-tasting grapes.


To life! a la vida. A spanish riff similar to the hebrew toast l’chaim! is an invitation to people everywhere to come together and share in the simple joys of good food and wine. argentina is a nation rich in diversity and our multi-cultural family at domaine bousquet has been making certified organic wines in argentina since 1997, when we began planting vines in the upper reaches of tupungato’s cool-climate gualtallary area.


LO CA- feel-good, taste-good wines with more altitude, attitude, and fewer calories. A play on “low-calorie,” LO CA also means “crazy” in Spanish.
Low-calorie, low-alcohol, low-sugar, vegan, gluten-free, USDA-certified organic, Regenerative Organic CertifiedTM, and Ecocert-approved – how crazy is that!


Like its namesake, Cameleon is the embodiment of fine adaptation to the environment. The label symbolizes the story of the Bousquet family, a fourth generation that left their native France after a long worldwide search for an idyllic wine growing region. Their search came to a natural conclusion in Tupungato where the family Bousquet tailored their extensive winemaking knowledge to the carefully chosen land.


Finca Lalande is the natural blend of French Winemaking with Argentine terroir. Domaine Bousquet began mastering his winemaking art by developing an estate in Frances, called Lalande. Seeking better places to satisfy his aspiration for making exceptional wines, Domaine Bousquet found the terroir he long searched for in the soils of Mendoza. Made from organically grown grapes these wines are rich and aromatic, showing the best the soils of Argentina has to offer.