An Unbeatable Organic Wine

It used to be that organic and biodynamic wines were weird or barnyard-y or sometimes downright awful, but the organic wine scene has radically changed. High-quality organic and biodynamic wines are now coming out of vineyards in California, Argentina, France, Chile, and other regions.  These are not the old-style peculiar wines, but world-class wines that will stand up to the best traditional wines. These are the wines of the future.

I have tried a number of premium organic or biodynamic wines such as The McNab and the Odfjell Aliara, but these will set you back $45-$70.  How about more reasonably-priced, everyday organic wines?   The best value, by far, has got to be Domaine Bousquet’s Natural Origins Cabernet Sauvignon in a 3-litre box.

The Natural Origins Cabernet Sauvignon Bag-In-Box

This wine has a lot going for it.   Where do we start?  Well how about the location; it is from Tupungato, Argentina, one of my favorite wine regions in the world.  The high-elevation of this region forces grapes to develop rich, full-bodied flavors, and its arid climate discourages disease and insects.  The wide temperature fluctuation between night and day also sharpens the flavor profile.  This region is perfectly suited for naturally grown grapes; there is no need for tricks and shortcuts and fibs (as I suspect some wineries use) to get organic certification.  This is a wine you can drink and be sure that it is organically produced.

As far as flavor, I found this to be a wonderful, classic cab.  It has a enticing nose with dry fruit flavors on the tongue and a bit of a bite at the end.  To me it drank like a solid $20-$30 cab, but the retail price for a 3 liter (4 bottles) box is $20, or $5 a bottle!  There is no wine out there that even comes close to this quality for the price.

Boxes are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to package wine.  Inside the cardboard box you will find, to paraphrase Peter Mayle, a rubber haggis of wine that shrinks as you tap into it so the wine does get exposed to the air.  The box fit very nicely on a shelf in my basement and lasted for weeks after opening without any hint of oxidation.   And, besides, it gave me a peaceful, easy feeling that my wine supply would not run out.  It will be my wine of choice when we can have outdoor parties again, but it is also a good choice anytime you want a reliable, seemingly endless supply of quality wine.

The combination of organic viticulture, rich flavor, and insanely low price makes this an unbeatable wine.   There is nothing else that is even close.

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