An Unbeatable Organic Wine

It used to be that orga­nic and biody­na­mic wines were weird or barnyard‑y or some­ti­mes down­right awful, but the orga­nic wine sce­ne has radi­cally chan­ged. High-qua­lity orga­nic and biody­na­mic wines are now coming out of vine­yards in Cali­for­nia, Argen­ti­na, Fran­ce, Chi­le, and other regions.  The­se are not the old-sty­le pecu­liar wines, but world-class wines that will stand up to the best tra­di­tio­nal wines. The­se are the wines of the future.

I have tried a num­ber of pre­mium orga­nic or biody­na­mic wines such as The McNab and the Odf­jell Alia­ra, but the­se will set you back $45-$70.  How about more reaso­nably-pri­ced, every­day orga­nic wines?   The best value, by far, has got to be Domai­ne Bousquet’s Natu­ral Ori­gins Caber­net Sau­vig­non in a 3‑litre box.

The Natu­ral Ori­gins Caber­net Sau­vig­non Bag-In-Box

This wine has a lot going for it.   Whe­re do we start?  Well how about the loca­tion; it is from Tupun­ga­to, Argen­ti­na, one of my favo­ri­te wine regions in the world.  The high-ele­va­tion of this region for­ces gra­pes to deve­lop rich, full-bodied fla­vors, and its arid cli­ma­te dis­cou­ra­ges disea­se and insects.  The wide tem­pe­ra­tu­re fluc­tua­tion bet­ween night and day also shar­pens the fla­vor pro­fi­le.  This region is per­fectly sui­ted for natu­rally grown gra­pes; the­re is no need for tricks and short­cuts and fibs (as I sus­pect some wine­ries use) to get orga­nic cer­ti­fi­ca­tion.  This is a wine you can drink and be sure that it is orga­ni­cally produced.

As far as fla­vor, I found this to be a won­der­ful, clas­sic cab.  It has a enti­cing nose with dry fruit fla­vors on the ton­gue and a bit of a bite at the end.  To me it drank like a solid $20-$30 cab, but the retail pri­ce for a 3 liter (4 bottles) box is $20, or $5 a bottle!  The­re is no wine out the­re that even comes clo­se to this qua­lity for the price.

Boxes are a cost-effec­ti­ve, envi­ron­men­tally friendly way to pac­ka­ge wine.  Insi­de the card­board box you will find, to paraph­ra­se Peter May­le, a rub­ber hag­gis of wine that shrinks as you tap into it so the wine does get expo­sed to the air.  The box fit very nicely on a shelf in my base­ment and las­ted for weeks after ope­ning without any hint of oxi­da­tion.   And, besi­des, it gave me a pea­ce­ful, easy fee­ling that my wine supply would not run out.  It will be my wine of choi­ce when we can have out­door par­ties again, but it is also a good choi­ce any­ti­me you want a relia­ble, see­mingly end­less supply of qua­lity wine.

The com­bi­na­tion of orga­nic viti­cul­tu­re, rich fla­vor, and insa­nely low pri­ce makes this an unbea­ta­ble wine.   The­re is nothing else that is even close.

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