Looking ahead: Anne Bousquet, Domaine Bousquet

Published:  22 August, 2022

With the first half of 2022 already his­tory, Har­pers asked key tra­de figu­res to high­light the current cha­llen­ges, ongoing trends and opportunities.

We con­ti­nue our series with insights from Anne Bous­quet, CEO, Co-foun­der and part­ner of Domai­ne Bous­quet.

How ‘back to nor­mal’ are you as a business? 

I would say we are more than back to nor­mal; we are seeing strong sales across our glo­bal mar­kets, across all pri­ce points.

How, if at all, have drin­king habits chan­ged post-lockdown?

We saw demand for orga­nic and sus­tai­na­ble wines acce­le­ra­te across all our mar­kets during lock­down, as con­su­mers beca­me increa­singly health-cons­cious, and this has only con­ti­nued to grow post-lockdown.

How has the first half of 2022 been when com­pa­red to the same period in pre-pan­de­mic 2019?

Like ever­yo­ne, we found the first six months of 2019 extre­mely cha­llen­ging, but our com­pany has seen sig­ni­fi­cant growth sin­ce 2019; in total 79% in value, but espe­cially in the Uni­ted King­dom it has been an extra­or­di­nary growth.

What were the highs and lows for your own busi­ness in the first six months of 2022?

We recently beca­me one of only four wine­ries – the first outsi­de the US – to beco­me Rege­ne­ra­ti­ve Orga­nic Cer­ti­fied™. We have also been tes­ting our pio­nee­ring bio­fil­ter pro­ject to assist with water con­ser­va­tion, which is a big issue in Argen­ti­na. We expect it to be ope­ra­tio­nal by 2023. Infla­tion in Argen­ti­na and glo­bal supply chain issues have been par­ti­cu­larly cha­llen­ging in 2022 thus far – infla­tion effects the enti­rety of our busi­ness ope­ra­tions but espe­cially dry goods and gra­pes, and supply chain issues both in obtai­ning dry goods and then the delays in trans­port have been very subs­tan­tial to all countries.

What, currently, are the big­gest cha­llen­ges for the tra­de in general?

Prio­ri­ti­sing sus­tai­na­bi­lity and kee­ping this front and cen­tre of all aspects of the wine tra­de, from viti­cul­tu­re and wine­ma­king to logis­tics and sales is made even har­der when dea­ling with Glo­bal supply chain issues.

What are your prio­ri­ties and pre­dic­tions busi­ness-wise for the second half of 2022?

Orga­nic Argen­ti­ne Mal­bec remains Domai­ne Bousquet’s lar­gest selling cate­gory of wine in the UK with lis­tings in the mul­ti­ples, spe­cia­list retai­lers and we are increa­sing our focus on the on-tra­de. We have just had a selec­tion of our wines lis­ted at Gau­cho Grill, inclu­ding by-the-glass.

What will the focus be on with regard to your port­fo­lio (and any upda­tes) and why?

Our flagship varie­tal is Mal­bec, but we are seeing increa­sed inter­est in Caber­net Sau­vig­non and Caber­net Franc – both are which are well sui­ted to Argentina’s vine­yards at altitude.

For you, what are the most sig­ni­fi­cant emer­ging trends in the wine & spi­rits worlds?

The sig­ni­fi­cant uptick in orga­nic wines, in vegan wines, and in wines with sus­tai­na­ble credentials.

What inno­va­tions in the drinks world do you belie­ve will have the most impact going forward?

Sus­tai­na­ble pac­ka­ging is going to be a key inno­va­tion, par­ti­cu­larly bag-in-box, ligh­ter glass bottles, as well as bottling in the UK; very visi­ble inno­va­tions which reso­na­te par­ti­cu­larly well with the customer.

Lastly, if you could make one chan­ge in legislation/red tape/tax tomo­rrow, what would you choose?

Addres­sing Argen­ti­ne infla­tion supply chain issues and ship­ping delays would make busi­ness much more efficient!

Quick-fire questions: 

Fran­ce, Spain or Italy?

I would have to go for my home­land, France.

USA, Oz or South Africa? 


Cock­tails or slow sip­ping spirit? 

Wine cock­tails! Our Dol­ce Mal­bec Cock­tail is my favourite!

English fizz or Champagne? 

Cham­pag­ne or our Domai­ne Bous­quet Orga­nic Argen­ti­ne Métho­de Tra­di­tio­ne­lle Rosé Brut.

Go-to drink to watch with the ten­nis / foot­ball / rugby? 

Rosé all day!

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