Argen­ti­ne winery Domai­ne Bous­quet con­ti­nues to make outs­tan­ding wines using cer­ti­fied orga­nic gra­pes in Tupun­ga­to, Uco Valley, Argen­ti­na. Two of the wines in this group are part of Domai­ne Bousquet’s Pre­mium Varie­tals line of wines made using orga­nic fruit from esta­te and pur­cha­sed from vine­yards in the Uco Valley. The third wine is one of two wines in the Vir­gen line of wines made wit­hout added sul­fi­tes qua­lif­ying it to carry the USDA orga­nic cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. We recei­ved all three wines as tas­ting sam­ples.

From the very begin­ning of the deve­lop­ment of Domai­ne Bous­quet in Gual­ta­llary Valley wit­hin the Tupun­ga­to dis­trict of the Uco Valley south of Men­do­za in Argen­ti­na, all far­ming has been done orga­ni­cally. The land was unde­ve­lo­ped at the time Jean Bous­quet first laid eyes on it in 1990. He even­tually deci­ded to lea­ve sout­hern Fran­ce and con­ti­nue the Bous­quet family wine­ma­king tra­di­tion in Argen­ti­na.

Jean plan­ted vine­yards and built a winery. Over time his daugh­ter Anne Bous­quet and her hus­band Labid Al Ame­ri beca­me invol­ved in ope­ra­ting Domai­ne Bous­quet. In 2011 Anne and Labid beca­me owners of the winery after gra­dually inves­ting in it.

Domai­ne Bous­quet Orga­nic Cer­ti­fi­ca­tions from their web­si­te

Domai­ne Bous­quet vine­yards cover nearly 100 acres of vines. The 4000 foot ele­va­tion means cool tem­pe­ra­tu­res at night in this arid region that recei­ves only 8 inches of rain annually. Soils are sandy and poor in orga­nic mat­ter. No pes­ti­ci­des or her­bi­ci­des are used in the vine­yards and all esta­te vine­yards are cer­ti­fied orga­nic.

2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Sau­vig­non Blanc, Tupun­ga­to, Argen­ti­na

2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Sau­vig­non Blanc, Tupun­ga­to, Argen­ti­na — pale yellow in the glass with gene­rous aro­mas of dried hay, and gra­velly mine­ra­lity. Whi­te peach fla­vors lead to pears, dried hay, gra­velly mine­ra­lity and citrus. Sto­ne fruit fla­vors lin­ger. 12.5% abv. SRP $13

This lovely Sau­vig­non Blanc is easy sip­ping and lacks tho­se tart goo­se­berry fla­vors that are often cha­rac­te­ris­tic the variety.

2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Rosé, Tupun­ga­to, Argen­ti­na

2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Rosé, Tupun­ga­to, Argen­ti­na — pale sal­mon in the glass with hints of flo­wers along with mixed berries. The fla­vors follow the aro­mas with whi­te flo­wers, berries and tro­pi­cal fruit notes in the back­ground. Zippy aci­dity keeps the fla­vors light and the fla­vor pro­fi­le finis­hes with a squee­ze of ripe Meyer lemon. 12.5% abv. SRP $13

This delight­ful rosé is a blend of 45% Mal­bec, 45% Caber­net Sau­vig­non, 5% Sau­vig­non Blanc and 5% Pinot Gris.

2018 Domai­ne Bous­quet Vir­gen Orga­nic Red Blend, Tupun­ga­to, Argen­ti­na

2018 Domai­ne Bous­quet Vir­gen Orga­nic Red Blend, Tupun­ga­to, Argen­ti­na — den­se ruby with pur­ple at the rim. Gene­rous aro­mas inclu­de ripe plums, ripe blue­be­rries and straw­be­rries and crus­hed flo­wer stems. Fla­vors of rich dark fruit inclu­de blue­be­rries and black­be­rries with dusty earth and crus­hed flo­wer stems in the back­ground. The fla­vors are dark and rich wit­hout being over ripe at all. Tan­nins are well inte­gra­ted with the fla­vors which last a long time. 15.5% abv. SRP $13

This is a com­plex, rich and dark red wine (a blend of 35% Mal­bec, 35% Caber­net Sau­vig­non, 30% Caber­net Franc) that is a plea­su­re to sip. It reminds me of the second Domai­ne Bous­quet wine I tas­ted: 2015 Domai­ne Bous­quet Gaia Red Blend. I fell for that wine with the first sip and this wine has many of the same fla­vors. Domai­ne Bous­quet knows how to effec­ti­vely blend Mal­bec.

We pai­red the­se wines with gri­lled rose­mary chic­ken and a warm gri­lled vege­ta­ble salad. It was pretty darn good.

I will lea­ve you with a thought from Anne Bous­quet that sums up the phi­lo­sophy at Domai­ne Bous­quet:

By nou­ris­hing the land and trea­ting it with res­pect, we know that the land will give us back its finest fruits.” 

So true. And the wine­ma­king at Domai­ne Bous­quet is res­pect­ful of the beau­ti­ful fruit fla­vors their vine­yards give them.

The­se wines are a tre­men­do­us value. I hope you will look for them.


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