Review: Domaine Bousquet, Rosé Wine

Domaine Bousquet, Rose Wine

I’ve pre­viously writ­ten about a few wines from Domai­ne Bous­quet in Argen­ti­na and I really like what they’re doing, not just the qua­lity of their pro­duct but how they go about pro­du­cing wine.

Their vine­yards are at a high alti­tu­de with dry, sandy soils. The con­di­tions are ideal for orga­nic pro­duc­tion met­hods and all their vine­yards are mana­ged orga­ni­cally and sus­tai­nably.

I for­get who it was, but I heard someo­ne tal­king about sus­tai­na­bi­lity a whi­le back and he des­cri­bed most modern far­ming tech­ni­ques as “extrac­ti­ve” in that they are desig­ned to extract as much from the land as pos­si­ble. The result is imba­lan­ce and once the value is extrac­ted you’re left with land that is no lon­ger good for far­ming. Sus­tai­na­ble approa­ches seek to stri­ke balan­ce and nur­tu­re the land so that it can con­ti­nue to thri­ve, hen­ce the name “sus­tai­na­ble.” This way of thin­king about sus­tai­na­bi­lity really reso­na­tes with me.

For the owners of Domai­ne Bous­quet, Anne Bous­quet and her hus­band Labid Al Ame­ri, sus­tai­na­bi­lity goes beyond envi­ron­men­tal sus­tai­na­bi­lity but also demands eco­no­mic sus­tai­na­bi­lity for their emplo­yees and the com­mu­nity whe­re the winery resi­des. To me, they seem like good, thought­ful peo­ple who not only want to crea­te good wine but ensu­re they do so res­pon­sibly, and I pre­fer to give my busi­ness to pro­du­cers with this mind­set.

Of cour­se, the wine still has to be great. In this ins­tan­ce, I was not disap­poin­ted.

Whi­te peach, lime, honey­suc­kle and wet sto­ne aro­ma­tics give this wine a plea­sant nose. The pala­te is well balan­ced with light peach, citrus and sali­ne fla­vors. It’s a very dry rosé. Drier than most rosé I come across, which is somet­hing I love about this one. The aci­dity is suf­fi­cient, but I would have liked it to be a touch brigh­ter. The mouth­feel is nice. The finish is fairly long with light salty citrus fla­vors.

Wine: Domai­ne Bous­quet, Rosé Wine
Varie­ties: 50% Pinot Noir, 30% Tem­pra­ni­llo, 10% Pinot Gris, 10% Vigo­nier
Vin­ta­ge: 2019
Alcohol: 12.5%
Rating: 86
Ave­ra­ge pri­ce: $13.00
Dis­clo­su­re: This wine was recei­ved as a media sam­ple.

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