The Drinks Business article “Planted and Enchanted” focusing on Vegan wines.

In the recent The Drinks Busi­ness arti­cle, “Plan­ted and Enchan­ted”  focu­sing on Vegan wines- Labid Ame­ri, pro­prie­tor of Domai­ne Bous­quet was quo­ted, “I am not about making wines for every­body. I would love every­body to buy my wine, but we are focu­sing on a mis­sion, on a niche, and that niche is about orga­nic wines, pro­tec­ting ani­mals, pro­tec­ting farms, pro­tec­ting peo­ple. Tha­t’s why vega­nism is part of that phi­lo­sophy”. Check out the links below for the full article.

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