Under-$15 Chardonnays that Overdeliver for the Money

Inter­es­ting, accom­plished Char­don­nay can be found for well under $15 — tha­t’s no sur­pri­se. What was more or less unex­pec­ted befo­re tas­ting for this roun­dup was just how much the­re is in the way of sty­lis­tic variation.

The nine selec­tions below, lis­ted alpha­be­ti­cally, all repre­sent exce­llent value for the money. They also show­ca­se the fact that enjo­ya­ble values are being pro­du­ced around the world and right here in the Uni­ted Sta­tes. We just as easily could have inclu­ded stan­dout bottles from Aus­tra­lia, Ore­gon, and countless points in bet­ween. The­se nine, howe­ver, are all worth con­si­de­ra­tion. And at less than $15, what have you got to lose?

2020 Bon­te­rra Char­don­nay Cali­for­nia ($14)

From orga­nic gra­pes, this is like sum­mer­ti­me in the glass: Whi­te pea­ches, sweet spi­ce, a squee­ze of Satsu­ma citrus, and a long and balan­ced finish.

2020 Con­cha y Toro Casi­lle­ro del Dia­blo Char­don­nay Reser­va Chi­le ($12)

Silky in tex­tu­re and ener­ge­tic on the pala­te, this show­ca­ses citrus and melon pith, fresh herbs, and hard pears, all cut through with a vivid mine­ral spine.

2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Char­don­nay Reser­ve Tupun­ga­to, Uco Valley, Men­do­za, Argen­ti­na ($15)

Baked yellow apples, pineap­ples, honey­comb, and a hint of brown but­ter and vani­lla lend this wine — pro­du­ced from orga­nic gra­pes — a real sen­se of ele­gan­ce and complexity.

2020 Goo­se Rid­ge Vine­yards G3 Char­don­nay Colum­bia Valley, Washing­ton ($15)

Slightly reduc­ti­ve in the best pos­si­ble sen­se, this is savory and rich, with pre­ser­ved citrus, toas­ted fen­nel seeds, and mashed apple and pear notes.

2019 J. Lohr Esta­tes Rivers­to­ne Char­don­nay, Arro­yo Seco, Mon­te­rey ($14)

Lively yet con­cen­tra­ted, this shim­mers with real ten­sion and life. Lemon zest and pith, hard sto­ne fruit, and sweet woodsy spi­ces pro­vi­de lots of wine for the money.

2020 Joel Gott Unoa­ked Char­don­nay Cali­for­nia ($12)

With its layers of sweet, ripe apples, sug­ges­tion of gua­va, lif­ted spi­ce, and oran­ge blos­som, this shows that inex­pen­si­ve Char­don­nay can be made with good enough fruit that oak isn’t even necessary.

2019 Ken­dall-Jack­son Vint­ne­r’s Reser­ve Char­don­nay ($14)

Let the nay­sa­yers claim that too much of this wine is pro­du­ced to be any good, becau­se here’s the thing: It’s really well-made, gene­rous with tro­pi­cal fruit, honey­suc­kle, can­died gin­ger, and cin­na­mon-vani­lla baked apples. Impressive.

2020 Louis Jadot Mâcon-Villa­ges Char­don­nay Bur­gundy, Fran­ce ($14)

Proof that deli­cious wines from Bur­gundy don’t have to cost a for­tu­ne, this is subtle and laye­red with yellow apples, honey-coated almonds, and the lift of flo­wers through the finish.

2020 Tabor Mt. Tabor Char­don­nay Lower Gali­lee, Israel ($14)

This rings with bright autumn orchard fruit, mouth­wa­te­ring aci­dity, and enough rich­ness to pair with hear­tier dishes, too. Pro­du­ced by one of Israe­l’s lea­ders in envi­ron­men­tally cons­cien­tious winemaking.

Pri­ces are sub­ject to change.

Sour­ce: https://www.yahoo.com/now/under-15-chardonnays-overdeliver-money-131659106.html?guccounter=1

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