Value Wines for New Year’s Eve

Whe­re did 2021 go? If you are anything like me it pro­bably went too quickly! I think time moves at a dif­fe­rent rhythm in post pan­de­mic times.
But, here we are get­ting ready to cele­bra­te another holi­day sea­son, another new year’s eve with masks,  and this time after reques­ting PCR nega­ti­ve tests from all your guests, it’s time to think about the food and most impor­tant the wines.  So, what wines to choo­se for your holi­day party? Belie­ve it or not, I ask myself this ques­tion too, something good but not too pri­cey, so I can buy plenty of bottles for all my guests.  The idea here was to choo­se some spar­kling, whi­tes and reds that will appeal to a lar­ge group of peo­ple and match with a variety of cold and hot appe­ti­zers, without brea­king the bank!

So, I deci­ded to allow the many impor­ters, pro­du­cers and PR com­pa­nies that have sup­plied La Wina with sam­ples all through this year to choo­se for me. I told them “send me wines of your choi­ce below $20 and abo­ve all sur­pri­se me”. See my selec­tions below, a truly dif­fe­rent set of wines, the­se will be great for all your holi­day gathe­rings and also as gifts too!

Domai­ne de Bous­quet Brut NV, Men­do­za, Argentina
It’s New Year’s after all! And I have to inclu­de a spar­kling wine to toast 2022. This one is made from orga­nic gra­pes, esta­te-grown in the Tupun­ga­to valley, Men­do­za, Argentina.
It’s a blend of 75% Char­don­nay with 25 % Pinot Noir, com­ple­tely fer­men­ted in tanks, using the Char­mat method, which is the same method used to make Pro­sec­co. Domai­ne de Bous­quet Brut is a cer­ti­fied vegan bubbly that offers enti­cing green apple, brio­che and citrus (lime) aro­mas. Its fine, pearly mous­se adds energy to the finish. $12.99

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