Vines –like humans –prefer cooler nights for better sleep and a nice warm sunny day,” Anne Bousquet, Co-founder Domaine Bousquet.

We tea­sed him about buying a beach,” says Anne Bous­quet about the sandy soil in the Argen­ti­ne vine­yards pur­cha­sed by her father using money from the sale of his vine­yards in Fran­ce, “but he was ada­mant becau­se this soil makes ele­gant wines and that cha­rac­te­ris­tic was very impor­tant to him as a Frenchman.”

Anne Bous­quet demons­tra­tes how sandy the soil is by let­ting it run through her fin­gers at Domai­ne Bousquet’s high ele­va­tion, orga­nic vineyards

Her father desired this sandy soil becau­se it pro­vi­des the low fer­ti­lity desira­ble for vine stress, with good drai­na­ge, and no sali­nity issues.

From the begin­ning, all of Domai­ne Bous­quet wines have been made 100% with orga­ni­cally grown gra­pes becau­se of a com­bi­na­tion of fac­tors inclu­ding soils, alti­tu­de, and ground water, but most impor­tant is a very dry cli­ma­te. Alti­tu­de offers a diur­nal shift: cool at night, warm during the day.

Anne Bous­quet (cour­tesy winery)

Vines –like humans –pre­fer cooler nights for bet­ter sleep and a nice warm sunny day,” says Anne. They shut down when it is too hot or too cold.

Anne should know; she grew up in the busi­ness, first in South­west Fran­ce whe­re her father had a third gene­ra­tion winery and vine­yards –until he sold it all and set up shop in the Uco Valley of Argentina’s Men­do­za region in the 1990s when no one belie­ved wine gra­pes could thri­ve in such a cold, hos­ti­le, high alti­tu­de pla­ce. But he pro­ved them wrong, and Anne fell in love with the lands­ca­pe, an area whe­re gro­wing orga­ni­cally could work out well for wine.

Anne stu­died eco­no­mics in the US, and had her career in Bos­ton, as well as her family, but when her dad asked for help in 2004, she said yes, and brought her one year old daugh­ter back to Argen­ti­na, moving to a small town after living in lar­ge inter­na­tio­nal cities.

Wor­king together did not go easily, and many argu­ments ensued. But Anne stood up for her ideas. In 2011, she and her hus­band bought out her father’s sha­res to be co-owners; he still lives on the pro­perty whe­re he tends his own orga­nic vine­yard. Her brother now runs the busi­ness in Europe.

Anne Bous­quet and family: L to R, Gui­llau­me Bous­quet, Anne’s brother, who lives in Fran­ce and over­sees their busi­ness in con­ti­nen­tal Euro­pe, Anne, her hus­band Labid al Ame­ri and in the front, Anne & Labid’s daugh­ter Eva.

Anne main­tai­ned a dual life for many years until recently: in 2018 she quit being an eco­no­mist and went full-time into wine– although being an eco­no­mist cer­tainly must help with run­ning a busi­ness gro­wing as fast and as lar­ge as Domai­ne Bous­quet! In 2015 she moved back to the US to Mia­mi so her daugh­ter could go to school; from the­re she and her hus­band mana­ges the busi­ness with help from the team in Argentina.

Read about Domai­ne Bousquet’s viti­cul­tu­rist Fran­co Bas­tias here with notes and pai­rings for whi­te wines. 

Domai­ne Bous­quet orga­nic wines with a smo­ked bur­ger and gri­lled vegetables

Anne has impres­si­ve goals for Domai­ne Bous­quet; soon they will be one of the lar­gest orga­nic wine­ries in the world, pro­du­cing 1.5 million cases sus­tai­nably and ethi­cally pro­du­ced as evi­den­ced by their pur­suit of B Corp cer­ti­fi­ca­tion and biody­na­mic cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. (What does that mean? Read more here.)

a line up of 6 orga­nic soon to be biody­na­mic wines from Domai­ne Bousquet


  • Domaine Bousquet Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 / SRP $13

  • Domaine Bousquet Gran Malbec 2018 / SRP $25


with Mal­bec:

  • chee­se board
  • beef stew with mashed pota­toes and sau­téed dan­de­lion greens

with Caber­net Sauvignon:

  • figs with goat cheese
  • smo­ked gour­met three beef burgers
  • gri­lled vegetables

Domai­ne Bous­quet Caber­net Sau­vig­non 2019 
ABV  14.0%
SRP $13
Gra­pes: 100% Caber­net Sauvignon

Gra­pes are grown at 4000′ alti­tu­de offe­ring cold nights and warm days.

Color Den­se and cloudy

Aro­ma Cas­sis, cherry, cherry snuff, black­berry, black current, the­re is a lot of fruit on the nose. Nice bright fruit.

Pala­te Lots of oak with bright tart fruit. For Sue the oak domi­na­tes and over­ta­kes the lovely fruit pre­sent on the nose. I pre­fe­rred this wine when it was a bit colder.

Pai­ring: Goat chee­se stuf­fed fig with pan­cet­ta,  smo­ked bur­gers, smo­ked egg­plant, smo­ked potatoes.

Results: Fan­tas­tic with the fried pan­cet­ta that was sprin­kled over the goat chee­se stuf­fed fig. Such a nice com­ple­xity bet­ween the wine and the appe­ti­zer. Fruit, crea­mi­ness, and salt, brings out the same cha­rac­te­ris­tics in the wine. Fabu­lous with the smo­ked bur­gers espe­cially when the­re are a few bites of fried pan­cet­ta in the mix.  The smo­ke from the Tre­gor was a bit much for the egg­plant. Very nice with the oven roas­ted sweet pota­toes with rose­mary. It loves the rose­mary herb.


orga­nic Bous­quet Malbec

Domai­ne Bous­quet Gran Mal­bec 2018
ABV 14.8%
SRP $25
Gra­pes: 85% Mal­bec, 5% Caber­net Sau­vig­non, 5% Mer­lot, 5% Syrah.

The­se orga­nic gra­pes are also grown at 4000′ ele­va­tion in the Andes which means an inten­se diur­nal shift– cold nights and warm days– which slows ripe­ning and helps obtain com­plex aro­mas. Hand har­ves­ted, 20 days mace­ra­tion, then aged in French oak.

Color: Very pur­ple, plum, ruby rim, cloudy density

Aro­ma: Lots of black and blue fruit, red fruit, very fruity on the nose, mint, sage, chaparral.

Pala­te: Grippy tan­nins, blue fruit, great value wine, nice sip­ping wine, nice cha­rac­ter, nice com­ple­xity, easy to drink.

Pai­ring: Chee­ses, dan­de­lion greens, beef stew with mashed potatoes.

Results: Very nice with aged cran­berry ched­dar. I wan­ted a sand­wich with roast beef and this chee­se to pair with this wine. Great with the Snow­do­nian aged ched­dar brin­ging out ripe blue fruit in the wine. The beets in the salad bring out the blue fruit in the wine. Beets are a nice foun­da­tion for red wine. They balan­ce out the bit­ternss of the greens. The wine loves the dan­de­lion greens which might not be for every pala­te, but they were fan­tas­tic. We won­de­red how the greens would be on the grill, or even with added duck fat or pork fat. In any case, this was a great pai­ring with the wine. The beef stew was nice with the wine, brin­ging out tart bright fruit in the wine.

Stay tuned and subs­cri­be for more orga­nic soon to be biody­na­mic Domai­ne Bous­quet wines. Read here about orga­nic Domai­ne Bous­quet whi­te wines ran­ging from $13-$25 plus details about the vine­yards and soils. 

Domai­ne Bous­quet orga­nic wines

PS Where do you want to travel in 2022?
South America? Argentina?? Domaine Bousquet??
Do you want to experience more organic and biodynamic viticulture?


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