Wine Selections for the Holidays

It’s been a long year. Wha­te­ver holi­days you may be cele­bra­ting, I wish you and yours safety, joy, and good food and wine.

So, this week I have some selec­tions that are all over the map. I tried to cura­te some sam­ples that would plea­se crowds, pro­vi­de joy and pair well with cele­bra­tions and wintry foods.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I love bub­bles year-round. But, of cour­se, from Thanks­gi­ving through New Year’s, bub­bles are huge, and I have a nice mix in here. From inex­pen­si­ve tank method bub­bles through some delight­ful Champagnes.

Domai­ne Bous­quet brings its Char­mat method bub­bles, which are the best-selling bub­bles from Argen­ti­na and are inex­pen­si­ve, acces­si­ble and fun. Lan­son deli­vers three dif­fe­rent Cham­pag­ne options that offer a nice view of their approach, whi­le Bruno Pai­llard deli­vers, as always. And Cali­for­nia’s Frank Family brings two dif­fe­rent Cham­pag­ne method spar­klers to the table.

The­re are some also deep, juicy, warm reds, too, from California’s Smith Madro­ne, Sulli­van and Tooth & Nail.

The­se wines were recei­ved as tra­de sam­ples and tas­ted sighted.

Spar­kling wines

N.V. Domai­ne Bous­quet Brut Argen­ti­na, Mendoza
SRP: $13
Light yellow color. The nose shows a bright mix of lemon and kiwi with sugar­ca­ne, whi­te flo­wers, and some crushed chalk and sweet tarts. The pala­te is bright and light with zippy aci­dity and inte­gra­ted sugar, light bub­bles, and fla­vors of lemons, green apple, kiwi, flo­ral per­fu­me, talc. Fresh, fun, light and steely, crowd-plea­sing bub­bles. 75/25 Char­don­nay and Pinot Noir, 11 g/l resi­dual sugar. (86 points)

N.V. Domai­ne Bous­quet Brut Rosé Argen­ti­na, Mendoza
SRP: $13
Pale sal­mon color. This has a crunchy and lively aro­ma­tic appeal with rasp­berry, tart straw­berry and notes of rose petals and talc. Has a fresh and vibrant feel on the pala­te, with soft bub­bles and a crisp, steely vibe. Straw­berry and whi­te cherry fruit mix with notes of honey­suc­kle, rose petals, and some crushed sweet tarts and chalk tones. Fresh, fun and zippy. Pinot Noir and Char­don­nay, 12 g/l resi­dual sugar. (87 points)

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