Drink hacker Review: NV Domaine Bousquet Natural Origins Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon by Christopher Null July 6, 2020

Boxed wines con­ti­nue to push up-mar­ket, the latest entry coming from Domai­ne Bous­quet, an Argen­ti­ne ope­ra­tion.

Fresh from the vine­yards of Argentina’s Uco Valley in the upper reaches of Men­do­za, meet Natu­ral Ori­gins Mal­bec and Caber­net Sau­vig­non, South America’s first 3‑liter box wines made exclu­si­vely from orga­ni­cally grown gra­pes. Fruit comes from the Uco Valley’s Tupun­ga­to zone, known for gra­pes bles­sed with an abun­dan­ce of aro­ma, fla­vor and fresh­ness thanks to the com­bi­ned impact of dra­ma­tic day-night tem­pe­ra­tu­re dif­fe­ren­tials, gusty spring­ti­me winds, and inten­se, year-round Andean sun­light.

The­se are for­mally non­vin­ta­ge wines, but both of the wines revie­wed below — a mal­bec and a caber­net sau­vig­non — actually hail from the 2019 har­vest. Thoughts follow.

NV Domai­ne Bous­quet Natu­ral Ori­gins Mal­bec Tupon­ga­to-Men­do­za – A sur­pri­singly lively expres­sion of mal­bec, this wine eschews the extre­me den­sity this gra­pe often shows in favor of a brigh­ter fruit pro­fi­le. A straw­berry candy note is unmis­ta­ka­ble, with che­rries and plums filling in the cracks. A hint of oran­ge peel is evi­dent on the back end, though there’s more than a little brown sugar to swee­ten things up. It’s no mas­ter­work, but at the equi­va­lent of $5 per bottle — less than $1 a glass — it’s tough to com­plain too loudly. B+ / $20 per 3‑liter box

NV Domai­ne Bous­quet Natu­ral Ori­gins Caber­net Sau­vig­non Tupon­ga­to-Men­do­za – A powerhou­se of black­berry and black currants, laye­red atop a milk cho­co­la­te base. Lush but qui­te sweet, it’s a more blunt wine than the mal­bec, with a finish that tends toward the jammy. A cherry note is evi­dent later in the game, maras­chino of cour­se. B- / $20 per 3‑liter box




NV Domaine Bousquet Natural Origins Malbec Tupongato-Mendoza $20


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