Q4 2021 Reviews

Another year has flown by and like last year there have been some wine events but most of them like last year did not happen. I know some people are not fans of wine tasting experiences for trade and media. But I did get to taste more this year than last year.

I had a nice comment from a viewer on YouTube who said he liked my style and that I should be getting more hits and have a larger subscriber base. His comment was spot on and I greatly appreciate it as I have felt validated without having to ask someone. All of the sudden – the past two years – there has been an explosion of wine videos when once there were few. So I do have that competition. But what I find needed is more support from producers from which I review wines. A lot of producers do support what I do and add to their websites, favorite and retweet and more. And by producers showing supports does show that it does help to increase video click rate but also helps the producers; a classic two way street. But there is a producer base where there is no comment, like or posting of videos that support their products on their site. And some producer prefer only written pieces?!?

What??? This isn’t 1999. But a person very close to me asked me if I enjoy making videos and I said yes and he said then keep doing and I have added incremental improvements. And there is more to come. I do find value in written pieces as well.

We do live in a world where people are seeking written, spoken and video content. It is a win-win strategy if content is support from producers. I will be doing a separate article for sparkling wine recommendations for end of year celebrations for the season and new year ahead.

Here are my last quarter of 2021 reviews:

Virgen Organic Wines

It is rare to see the USDA Organic label on but say less than .1% of wine labels. The USDA Organic certification requires no added sulfites. But there is perhaps on the consumer side that wines with Organic grapes doesn’t consistite an organic wine as those wines have added sulfites. I am surprised that I have seen “Organic Grapes” on front and does that confuse the matter one what organic is? Does a wine consumer think an Organic wine begins and stops only with Organic grapes? Probably many consumers think they are getting an organic wine but by the USDA they get an organic wine when there have no added sulfites. I do give a caution on this wine in terms of sensory experience. This wine because there are no sulfites has a definitive nose and palate–some might term it savory or mushroomy. This will not taste like a Malbec or Red Blend with sulfites.

Virgen Organic Mendoza Malbec 2020 – $13 SRP

14.5% ABV; Vegan Friendly USDA Organic. Nose of Cherry, savory-mushroom, and graphite. Palate of Bing cherry, mushroom, pepper and spice.

Virgen Organic Mendoza Red Blend 2020 – $13 SRP

14.3% ABV; Vegan Friendly USDA Organic. Nose of Strawberry, mushroom, and mineral. Palate of red cherry, graphite and pepper.

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