The Random Samples

It is time for anot­her edi­tion of “Ran­dom Samples”–I occa­sio­nally get sam­ples from mar­ke­ting agen­cies and/or pro­du­cers, and the­se can often be grou­ped toget­her into some sort of over-arching the­me: Drink Them and It Will ComeSum­mer is Here, So That Means (More) Rosé, If It Doesn’t Spar­kle, It Doesn’t Mat­ter.

Other times, I get just a bottle or two that do not have any appa­rent con­nec­tion or link. Ins­tead of hol­ding on to tho­se bottles until the “right” com­bi­na­tion comes along, I deci­ded to link all the­se “ran­dom” bottles toget­her, making their own cate­gory (and, being the math geek that I am, “ran­dom sam­ple” has a bit of a dou­ble enten­dre.

2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Sau­vig­non Blanc, Tupun­ga­to, Men­do­za, Argen­ti­na: Retail $12. It has been a few vin­ta­ges now that I have sam­pled through Domai­ne Bousquet’s line. I have always been impres­sed, par­ti­cu­larly with this Sau­vig­non Blanc, made with orga­nic gra­pes. This ite­ra­tion is solid as well: grassy and tro­pi­cal on the nose with gua­va and a hint of funk (and I love the funk). The pala­te is juicy, but may­be a bit thin on the mid-pala­te. The wine finis­hes a bit short, but it is qui­te tart and fruity. Very Good. Very Good. 87–89 Points.

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