What’s your go to meal and your go to wine pai­ring during this period of Shel­ter in Pla­ce when we are not going to the sto­re on a whim?

For me, the food is pes­to, spe­ci­fi­cally nas­tur­tium pes­to becau­se they grow wild in my yard so I have been able to har­vest the lea­ves, and make a pes­to for pas­ta, and pair them with…

Sau­vig­non Blanc!

And with ever­yo­ne baking bread, one of the best pai­rings with crunchy sour­dough is goat chee­se and you gues­sed it —

Sau­vig­non Blanc!

And did you know you can take the base of the heart of a head of romai­ne let­tu­ce and stick in water and it will grow? Then you can plant it in your Vic­tory Gar­den and make it into a cae­sar salad which pairs beau­ti­fully with…

Sau­vig­non Blanc!

So with Sau­vig­non Blanc Day today May 1 and with so many Shel­te­ring in Pla­ce — and Slur­ping in Pla­ce too — let’s take a look at four sau­vig­non blanc wines to pair with the­se dishes.

  • Goat chee­se
  • 2 kinds of Sue’s sour­dough bread
  • Cesar Salad
  • Nas­tur­tium Pes­to with biody­na­mic Pen­ne Pas­ta
  • Key Lime Pie

Sau­vig­non Blanc Wines

  • Argentina’s 2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Orga­nic
  • Washington’s 2015 Mer­cer
  • California’s 2015 and 2016 Clos des Amis
  • NZ’s 2019 Nau­ti­lus

2019 Domai­ne Bous­quet Sau­vig­non Blanc Tupun­ga­to Argen­ti­na
alc SRP $
sam­ple for my review con­si­de­ra­tion 

We’ve writ­ten about Domai­ne Bous­quet a few times; we appre­cia­te their com­mit­ment to orga­nic prac­ti­ces by making wine with orga­nic gra­pes.

Sight: Palest of yellow with a bit of green tin­ge, and a clear pla­ti­num rim

Sniff: Sue got a sulphu­ric funk right off the bat; for me it is more mine­rals. It is very mild on the nose, light sea grass and ocean air, beach day wine.

Sip: Bright and tangy, very lemony, clean finish that is not super long las­ting, but mild and plea­sant. This is a very easy going gentle Sau­vig­non Blanc.

Pai­ring: The pes­to pas­ta makes the wine come ali­ve. Sauv Blanc and goat chee­se is a clas­sic pai­ring and with the home­ma­de sour­dough wal­nut bread it is over the top. Cesar salad is its per­fect mate.

Pair with wal­nut sour­dough and goat chee­se.

2015 Mer­cer Hor­se Hea­ven Hills Sau­vig­non Blanc
alc SRP $15
sam­ple for my review con­si­de­ra­tion

We’ve sam­pled Mer­cer befo­re and writ­ten about Mercer’s wine­ma­ker Jes­si­ca Mun­nel here.

Accor­ding to the winery, the fruit comes from their Prin­ce­ton esta­te vine­yard in the Hor­se Hea­ven Hills. The vin­ta­ge was mar­ked by record brea­king heat with machi­ne har­ves­ting two weeks ear­lier than usual which is when the heat tape­red off and nights were cool. To accen­tua­te the gra­pe­fruit and lychee notes, a cer­tain yeast was used as well as stain­less steel fer­men­ta­tion with no ML.

Sight: Very pale yellow with a clear pla­ti­num rim

Sniff: Tons of petrol up front on the nose. The­re isn’t much grass or fruit, perhaps a bit of lychee, but a slight bit of Chi­ne­se Five spi­ce, or pos­sibly Garam Masa­la.

Sip: Tart citrus on the fore­front, the petrol is the­re but beco­mes more on the underl­ying end. Gra­pe­fruit on the finish, the­re is a nice tart­ness on the finish, kind of like a lemon lime sweet tart.

Pai­ring: Sur­pri­singly, my go to pai­rings weren’t great with this wine. Cesar salad fought with it, nor did it do very well with the goat chee­se and sour­dough, although it did fine with the pes­to. The Mer­cer des­troys the fla­vors of the key lime pie.

Pair with pes­to.

NOTE: It is pos­si­ble that this wine already pea­ked. I’m not sure when I recei­ved this sam­ple.

2016 Clos des Amis South Moun­tain Vine­yard Sau­vig­non Blanc
alc SRP $18
sam­ple for my review con­si­de­ra­tion

Last year I was busy bottling Sauv Blanc at  Clos des Amis which you can read about here. 

We also ope­ned and sam­pled the 2015 which is super tart!

Sight: Lemon­drop with the palest of rim

Sniff: Sulphu­ric funk, mossy green, ocean grass

Sip: Lots of aci­dity, very lemony, Sue was con­vin­ced she tas­ted vani­lla bean, and once I got the­re we agreed that it was defi­ni­tely the bean — the earthi­ness of the vani­lla bean. The­re is also a round­ness to this wine. Whi­le the tart­ness in the wine does go well with the tart­ness in the pie, it is not the most fabu­lous pai­ring of the eve­ning.

Pai­ring: The Clos des Amis  really loves the Cesar salad. It loves the crea­mi­ness of the egg and the tart of the lemon. It is great with the pes­to making the pes­to almost sweet or brin­ging out the fruit in the wine. Cesar was per­fect.

Pair with salad or pes­to.

2019 Nau­ti­lus – Sau­vig­non Blanc – Marl­bo­rough
sam­ple for my review con­si­de­ra­tion 

SB from NZ is so fun and dis­tinct that we wri­te about it every chan­ce we get!

Sight: Pale with a green tin­ge.

Sniff: Goo­se­be­rries and gra­pe­fruit, so cha­rac­te­ris­tic of New Zea­land Sauv Blanc. Underl­ying sulphur, super fruit for­ward on the nose.

Sip: Gra­pe­fruit up front with gra­pe­fruit and kiwi on the back.

Pai­ring: Of all the wines, this was Sue’s favo­ri­te with the goat chee­se on her wal­nut rai­sin sour­dough bread. Great with the Cesar, great with the pes­to, no sur­pri­se here.

For something wild and won­der­ful pair with key lime pie.

The key lime pie was per­fect with the Nau­ti­lus Sau­vig­non blanc wine. The bright­ness of the wine was so per­fect with the tart bright­ness of the pie.

Cele­bra­te Inter­na­tio­nal Sau­vig­non Blanc Day with us on Fri­day 1st May 2020. Sha­re what you’re up to using #sauv­blanc­day #wine­marl­bo­rough and #nzwi­ne.

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